12nd March 2016, Know Your Dreams Chapter Meeting

12nd March 2016, Know Your Dreams Chapter Meeting

Know Your Dreams Chapter Meeting

12nd March 2016, Saturday

“Is there more to life than just working for the next pay cheque? Am I living the life I want and love?” Do these questions sound familiar?”

We are honor to invite George Goh, an associate human resource consultant, certified dream building coach and owner of Thoughts2Things, a transformational life-coaching firm to share with us how to know our dreams and live by it. George has agreed to offer all our attendees, who would like to dive deeper into his presenting topic a special consolation gift.

So mark your calendar and we will see you this Sat (12 March 2016) at Level 2, Room 6 Tampines North Community Club from 2pm to 5:30pm

Contributed by Veron Lien, Vice President Public Relations

12 Sept 2015 Chapter Meeting

12 Sept 2015 Chocolate MilkShake Meeting




During the introductions, the SAA Tan Hao Qin asked “What type of chocolate do you like?” Some of us like dark chocolate, like Richard and Susi. Others love white chocolate, including Sowmya. Still, there was one person who did not like chocolate at all. Our president Raja!


Our wise and trusted mentor, Richard encouraged word play as the language evaluator. Examples of word play are:
Do we eat to live or live to eat? Love the person you marry or marry the person you love?
Ask not what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for the country.


Raja spoke about a man with four wives. This man loved his fourth, third and second wives but neglected his first wife. One day, the man was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was due to breathe his last within a few days. All he wanted was for his beloved wives to accompany him past the grave. Hearing his request, the fourth and third wives turned and went away. The second wife promised to stay, but only until he passed on. He was devastated. “I will come with you” a soft voice promised. There stood his first wife, promising to stay with him in death. Regret filled his heart, for all the times he ignored her, even though it was obvious she loved him more than anybody. Raja explained that we are all that man, and we have four wives: our soul, our family and friends, our wealth and our body. When we die, our body and wealth leaves us. Our family and friends can only stay with us when we are still alive. It is only our soul that will always be there. So when we still have the time, do remember to feed our souls and care for it.


Richard also brought us a crash course on how to present table topics effectively.
There are 2 kinds of table topics presentations: at a club meeting or at a contest.
The time is 1 to 2.5 mins and a speaker usually takes 3 seconds to think before starting.
It is a mini-speech, so there must be structure. Capture and captivate the audience in the introduction. Develop your opinions in the body. Then summarise in a memorable conclusion.
We also need to address the topic given. Define keywords and bring an opinion about the topic. This is especially crucial for long topics or topics which are vague. Defining the keywords will help to structure your thoughts and form an opinion about the topic. If you can make the audience laugh, that is an added bonus.


Sowmya presented her advanced project 4 from the storytelling manual. Titled “Leaving is Love”, Sowmya told us about Peter and Jane, a couple very much in love. Jane promised to love Peter till death do them part. One fateful day however, Jane cut all ties with Peter to further her studies in Paris. Peter was devastated, sinking into a slump. A few years later, Peter had slowly climbed out of that valley and became an accomplished businessman. He chanced upon Jane’s parents on the road and followed them into a cemetery curiously. To his grief, he discovered that Jane was diagnosed with cancer and had already left the land of the living. She never did go to Paris. Sowmya told us how Jane loved Peter so much that she chose to leave him to spare him the heartbreak. Sometimes, leaving is love.


Veron also presented her advanced project 4 from the interpersonal communication series. Titled “What, Why and How”, Veron shared how she communicates with her subordinates. As a manager, she needs to ask “what is the problem”, “why is there a problem” and “how can we solve the problem”. Veron also enacted a scene with a poorly-performing employee (played by Susi) and they started to distill the what, why and how of Susi’s poor performance.


Belinda brought us an informative and fascinating talk about chocolate theory. She and Veron prepared many boxes of chocolates to pass around and Belinda gave out more chocolates for answering questions! We learnt that the four main ingredients of chocolate are: sugar, milk, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Generally, chocolate is separated into milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Each type will have a different proportion of the main ingredients. For example, dark chocolate contains less milk than milk chocolate.


Did you know that white chocolate is so white because it does not contain cocoa powder? We were all a bit shocked. It appears that it is still chocolate because it goes through the same chocolate-formation process.


Chocolate is often seen as junk food, but it in fact contains many nutrients like magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and antioxidants. An average chocolate bar contains 220 calories, which is low enough to be part of a healthy diet.


Susi, as Sowmya’s evaluator, praised Sowmya for being able to evoke sympathy in the audience. Her recommendations were to spend more time to develop Peter as a character we can sympathise with, as well as relay Jane’s selflessness and unconditional love in the conclusion to flow with the story.


Richard acted as Veron’s evaluator and he praised Veron for being able to reach a compromise with her employee as well as her friendly, non-threatening manner. He pointed that the “what, why and how” can be explained even more clearly for the audience to understand the what, why and how fully. Also, he suggested Veron to decrease the instances of frivolous laughter to convey the significance of the conversation.  


Siew Wee prepared a mixture of opinions and quotations for the table topics segment. Topics included “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”, as well as “You do not like chocolate but you are offered a job as a chocolate promoter. Would you take up the job?” Many new members and guests attempted the table topics, including Dharshana, Belinda, Hao Qin, Neil and Kian Chee. Hai Rong also attempted a table topic with her son after a long hiatus from Tiarel!


During the table topics evaluation by Richard, he shared that winners of table topics contests are those who have conviction and intensity. You do not need to share too much, but you have to be credible and convincing.


Richard also reminded us of the importance of speaking correctly as the language evaluator. He praised the use of doubles and power-of-three’s during the meeting.


Can you repeat again? (Since repeat means again, we can remove again)


If you die… The word die may be taboo in formal situations, we can use euphemisms such as ‘breathe our last’, ‘passed on’, ‘expire’ or ‘gone to the happy hunting ground’ for native americans.


The phrase ‘doing his project’ may sound a little juvenile, we can use ‘present his project’ instead.


In general, the word ‘good’ is overused. We can use ‘splendid afternoon’, ‘fantastic afternoon’ in place of ‘good afternoon’. For example, ‘intimate friend’, ‘bosom friend’ or ‘soul mate’ instead of ‘good friend’.


The gavel is used to open the meeting, and it is also used to open court or auction.


Cliches such as ‘last but not least’, ‘a round of applause’ are overused. Let us think of more creative figures of speech.


Venkat stepped into the role of the general evaluator. He thought there were 4 things that made the meeting special.


  1. The Chocolate milkshake theme and presentation
  2. The many guests
  3. The table topics workshop and evaluation
  4. As well as the first general evaluation attempt by Venkat


He praised many of the speakers and evaluators, and especially the guest presenter Belinda for her engaging and informative talk on chocolate theory. Venkat pointed out some mistakes on the agenda, such as inconsistent spacing behind the speaker’s name and title.


In conclusion, the meeting was definitely fun and lively with Tiarel members. The Division S contest will be on 10 Oct 2015, with Richard representing Area S2 for the evaluation contest. Stay tuned for more!



25th July 2015 Chapter Meeting

25 July 2015 Chapter Meeting


Venkat’s word of the day was “Paradigm”. Paradigm can be used as a noun, to mean a typical example or pattern of something, a pattern or model.

During the President’s speech, Raja pointed out that many of us are always searching for what we don’t have, even to the point of obsession. Instead, why not build on what we already have and make the best of it?

The new members, Venkat, Hao Qin, Feng Yi and El Mundo, were inducted into the club. They solemnly promised to keep the Toastmaster’s promises; the club also promised to support them in their Toastmaster’s journey.


Project Speeches

1. Tan Hao Qin – P2 Organize Your Speech, titled “Thinking out of the Box

Hao Qin persuaded us to think out of the box in daily life. Even simple matters can benefit from a little creative and critical thinking. It was entertaining to hear about his outdoor cooking experience, especially when the high tide nearly drowned his dinner!

2. Yani Goh – P9 Persuade with Power, titled “Hiding in Plain Sight

Yani convinced us of the many hidden sugars in every day foods. Did you know that sugar can cause many health problems, including tooth decay, gout and obesity? Yani also introduced us to an interesting new sugar from Luo Han Guo (Monk’s Fruit) which contains zero calories!

3. Adeline Hseih – P9 Persuade with Power, titled “Are You Convinced

Adeline brought us her impressive stamp collection which she has amassed over the years. Using that example, she told us how much starting a collection could mean. For her, it has brought joy, a sense of satisfaction and wonderful memories. Are you convinced to start your own collection that you can look upon in the future with pride and joy?

4. Soh Siew Wee – AP1 Warm Up Your Audience from the Humorously Speaking manual, titled “Lazy but Wise

Siew Wee got us laughing at a family which was so lazy that they left all their housework to the dog! Poor dog. However, being lazy motivates us to think of smarter and more efficient ways. If we were not lazy, we would still be using our legs to get around instead of trains and busses!  

Karinna and Siew Wee put together a delicious spread of fried bee hoon, bananas and pizza. Veron even brought wine to pour and share!


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Karinna Boey, ACB: Tan Hao Qin

2. Ta Susiwati, ACB, ALB: Yani Goh

3. Richard Sng, DTM: Adeline Hsieh

4. Neil Sarno, CC: Soh Siew Wee, ACB

Veron’s table topics were based on objects she brought. They included a leather elephant, a small pocket book and a Vitamin D lip gloss.

Feng Yi’s calm, deadpan humour shone through when he spoke about the lip gloss and how his mother would appreciate it.

Venkat’s maiden language evaluation was encouraging for all of us. He pointed out the hits and misses throughout the meeting. Well done Venkat!

Raja’s maiden general evaluation was sharp and detailed. He managed to spot many areas for improvement that we can learn from. This includes punctuality (we started late by 3mins), typos in the agenda and others.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Prepared Speech: Adeline Hsieh

Best Evaluator: Ta Susiwati

Best Table Topic: Low Feng Yi



1. The next meeting shall be on 8th Aug 2015 at the Botanic Gardens, please contact Anil to request for a speaking slot or appointment role!

2. Stay tuned for our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22nd August 2015.


Contributed by Ta Susiwati, Club Secretary 

11 July 2015 EXCO Installation and Chapter Meeting

11 July 2015 EXCO Installtaion and Chapter Meeting


The theme of the meeting was “Leadership” which resonated from the start to the end.

Siew Wee opened the meeting with a simple question “Do you think you are a leader?”
Karen said she’s a leader to her children and Sam playfully commented “I’m not a leader, Karen is my leader!” Look at that smooth husband in action!
Venkat is preparing to become an efficient leader. Many other people also commented that they are a leader, at least of themselves.

Susi’s word of the day was “Fan”. Fan can either be used as a noun or verb. You can be a fan of Manchester United., or fan yourself with your hands or ask a crowd to fan out. She encouraged us to explore its unconventional uses during the meeting.

In the inaugural president’s speech, Raja spoke about the differences between leaders and managers. Managers say “Do it!” while leaders say “Let’s do it”. Leadership is an action, not a position. Often, we can only see the true calibre of a leader when we are in difficult times. Like tea leaves, we need to be put into hot water before the hidden, dried up and shrivelled leaves can unfurl to reveal the fragrant aroma of quality tea. Let’s look forward to Raja’s leadership in the new term!


Project Speeches

1. Raja Nallaperumal – P1 The Ice Breaker, titled “My Foot Steps

Raja also told us all about himself in his re-do of Project 1. He was born in a non-city environment, excelled at his studies and moved quite a lot for work before ending up in Singapore now. Now he likes meditation, yoga, reading and of course toastmasters.

2. Venkat – P2 Organize Your Speech, titled “Deadline

Venkat also spoke about deadlines in his project 2, an engaging speech which was easy to follow and demonstrated his strengths as a speaker. He also shared useful tips for us to deal with deadlines, which I found useful in my ongoing battle with deadlines at school and at work!

Happy Birthday to our July babies – Kenny, Susi, Neil and Hao Qin! Thanks to them, we had a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Susi bought the cake and claims credit for having bought Susi’s favourite flavour – Chocolate! (Cheers at the amount of research we put in so that our birthday babies are happy!)



Siew Wee and Anil, our devoted SAA and VPE, put together a filling lunch at 3pm. There was roasted chicken, fried rice, vegetables and green bean soup. We ate to our fill and wiped out everything.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: Raja Nallaperumal, CC

2.  Sowmya, CC: Venkat

After the break, Susi and Sowmya presented their evaluations. Susi was focused on the objectives for Raja’s speech and Sowmya was an encouraging evaluator to Venkat.

Sowmya also brought table topics that were related to the theme. Some questions she posed included “Would you consider it necessary for a leader to be selfless?” and “Persuade and Persist, which is more important?”

Susi brought a language evaluation that pointed out creative language used throughout the meeting, uses of the word of the day as well as some suggestions she proposed. Susi thinks language evaluation is a scary and challenging role, but she’s glad she tried it. Well, we need to challenge ourselves in order to grow.

Hao Qin took up his first appointment role today by being the AH-counter. Thanks to his hard work, we shall have more money for refreshments in the future! Let’s work towards the day when the AH-counter does not catch any pause fillers at all from the entire club.

Richard pointed out important points that we missed when preparing the meeting. The general evaluation was thorough and covered everything from the agenda, to the set-up, meeting flow, up till the last segment before him. It was definitely valuable feedback for the new EXCO.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Table Topic: Feng Yi

There were no best prepared speech and evaluator awards as there were only 2 speakers.


Special Welcome

El Mundo, Neil’s invited guest, also agreed to join the club after sitting through the meeting!

Let’s welcome our newest member, El Mundo!



1. The next meeting shall be on 25th July 2015, please contact Anil to request for a speaking slot or appointment role!

2. Stay tuned for our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22nd August 2015.


Contributed by Ta Susiwati, Club Secretary 

27th June 2015, The Highlights

The Highlights

27th June 2015, Saturday


Prepared Speeches

1. Yani Goh – P8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled “Bucket of Water“.

2. Raja Nallaperumal – P10 Inspire Your Audience, titled “Life is a Gift”.

3. Veron Lien, CC – AP3 Diffusing Verbal Criticism from Interpersonal Communication Manual, titled “The Art of Healing“.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: Yani Goh

2. Maurice Neo, CC: Raja Nallaperumal

3. Richard Sng, DTM: Veron Lien, CC


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: Yani Goh

Best Evaluation: Richard Sng, DTM

Best Table Topic: Richard Sng, DTM


Special Welcome

A warm welcome to Maurice Neo from NUSS and Leng Kee Advance Toastmasters Club.


1. Installation Ceremony for 19th Tiarel Exco Committee 2015 – 2016 will commence on 11st July 2015.

2. Stay tune to our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22nd August 2015.

Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary

13rd June 2015, The Highlights

The Highlights

13rd June 2015, Saturday


Prepared Speeches

1. Veron Lien, CC – AP2 The Successful Negotiator from Interpersonal Communication Manual, titled “Divide and Conquer“.

2. Raja Nallaperumal – P8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled “Climatism”.

3. Lee Wenqi – P3 Get To The Point, titled “Sleep“.

4. Venkat – P1 The Ice Breaker, titled “Man of Versatility”.

5. Tan Hao Qin – P1 The Ice Breaker, titled My Journey“.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: Veron Lien, CC

2. Huang Yingdong: Raja Nallaperumal

3. Neil Sarno, CC: Lee Wenqi

4. Raja Nappaperumal: Venkat

5. Richard Sng, DTM: Tan Hao Qin


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: Veron Lien, CC

Best Evaluation: Richard Sng, DTM

Best Table Topic: Low Feng Yi and Maurice Neo


Special Welcome

A warm welcome to our Guests; Low Feng Yi, Neo and fellow Toastmasters from Tampines Junior College; Huang Yingdong, Lee Weiqi and Jasmine Liew Soo Ling.


1. Installation Ceremony for 19th Tiarel Exco Committee 2015 – 2016 will commence on 11 July 2015.

2. Stay tune to our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22 August 2015.

Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary

23rd May 2015, The Highlights

The Highlights

23rd May 2015, Saturday

Prepared Speeches

1. Saha Anil Kumar – P4 How To Say It, titled “How to deal with Habits“.

2. George Goh – P10 Inspire Your Audience, titled “Live Your Dream”.

3. Veron Lien, CC – AP1 Conversing With Ease from Interpersonal Communication Manual – , titled “Hi There“.

4. A Sowmya, CC – AP3 Moral of the Story from The Story Manual, titled “Silence is Gold”.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. A Sowmya, CC: Saha Anil Kumar

2. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: George Goh

3. George Goh: Veron Lien, CC

4. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: A Sowmya, CC


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: George Goh

Best Evaluation: Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB

Best Table Topic: Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB


Special Welcome

A warm welcome to our new members; Sasanka, Yenkat and Tan Hao Qin.


1. Ta Susiwati, ACB, ALB will be contesting for District 80 Table Topic Contest on 24 May 2015 from 12pm to 6pm at NTUC Centre, One Marine Boulevard.

2. Congratulation to George Goh for completing his last Competent Communication Manual.

Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary