11th Aug 2012 Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests

Bored on a Saturday afternoon?

Speakers from Tiarel Toastmasters Club will attempt to tickle your funny bone with their humorous speeches spanning 5 – 7 minutes each. Then, they will show you how you can give evaluations skilfully and tactfully in the Speech Evaluation Contest.

Do  jot down the date in your diary and join us for a fun and enriching afternoon.

Where: Tampines North Community Club, 2 Tampines St 41, Room #02-06, Singapore 529204
Nearest MRT:   Tampines MRT Station
When: 11th August (Saturday) 1:30pm to 5:45pm
Admission: $2. Formal meeting for adults aged 18 and above only

Joint meeting at Braddell Heights 2 & Area S2 Contests

Update: We had a wonderful time at Braddell Heights!To all who were not present, remember to join us for the next meeting!



Are you looking forward to Tiarel’s joint meeting with Braddell Heights 2 TMC this Saturday?


Do attend even if you have no roles. Now is the best chance to visit and explore other toastmaster clubs for joint meetings (thanks to Richard for finding the clubs) while our CC is undergoing renovations! In addition, for this meeting, DTM Jenny Au will be giving a special talk about leadership.

The meeting starts at 2:45pm at Braddell Heights CC. We would meet & gather at 2pm at Tampines North CC for the car pool to the CC at serangoon, or you can go there directly.


Also, the Area Contests are on this Friday at AIA Changi. Support our club winners Richard and Kevin!

Venue: AIA Changi (near Eunos MRT)
Date: 23 March 2012, Friday
Time: 6.30 to 9.30pm

If you are trying to find entertainment on a Friday night, be at AIA Changi. Free food provided (i think!) and entertainment from the best speakers. Can’t get these anywhere else.


Extracted from a notification by Kenny Lim (VPE)

modified by Ta Susiwati (VPPR)

Honey, I Have Found the Moon! 1st runner-up at S2

Congratulations to Rendell Tan, Advanced Toastmaster (bronze) for winning the 1st Runner-Up title at Area S2 International Speech Contest in Mar 2006!!  Here’s his winning speech, the Secrets to a Sensational, Sensuous and Successful marriage …..


Inspire Audience that Marriage can be forever, and forever sensational and successful.

Call to Attention

Come on, Rendell – keep pumping !  I had expected to inflate 50 balloons – but it was nowhere near covering the masterbedroom floor.  My arms are strained but I just have to press on.  You see, my wife-to-be once said that it would thrill her to walk into an avalanche of colourful balloons.   I just have to fill the room….as tomorrow would be our wedding day.  And I wanted our 1st day as a married couple to be memorable and sweet.  Ah…at last, it took 300 balloons to fill the room

Contest Chair, Fellow Toastmasters, Ladies and Gentlemen –  This year, may I proudly declare that my wife and I shall be celebrating our 17th marriage anniversary, and we are blessed with wonderful 3 children. I like to do a quick survey.  Please raise your hands if you believe that hard work is important in getting good results in whatever you do – be it in your student life or your work life.  .  Ah….just as I thought, almost everybody.  So if you want a sensational, sensuous and successful marriage, don’t you agree you need to work hard too in your relationship?  Yes, pumping 300 balloons is a start.

Yet, how many people have taken marriage for granted, and they tell me “Marriage is not a word; it is a sentence.”  People carry the notion that the excitement of being a couple sizzles during courtship, sparkles during honeymoon and then resign to the fact to live out that sentence, that silence, that solitude march…until death do us part.

No, No, a thousand times No.  I can say with all my heart that I love my wife more than the first time we fell in love.  Let me share with you my 3 secrets to a successful marriage.  Someday, it will be a book called, “Honey, I have found the Moon”.

In the first year of marriage, our relationship blew hot and cold, as we adjusted to each other’s temperature and temperament.  She loves to stay up late at night to read, while I like to go to sleep early.  She loves to set the air-con temperature at a freezing 18 degrees while I prefer it at a cool 23 degrees.  Fortunately, I stumbled onto a book by Dr John Gray.  I learned that Women are from Venus while Men are from Mars. Ah ha…..we are two different people from two different planets – but have to live our lives on planet earth.  Complicating, huh? You bet!  Well, the first secret is to realize that I need not understand her.  I just need to love her.  So men, don’t analyze your women, rather memerise her!  See her as a mystery of romance meant to remain unsolved.  And that means accepting her for who she is.  Once I saw that, I could say, “Honey, I found the Moon.”

Let me share my 2nd secret.  Do you recall the classic tale of Adam and Eve?  When God made Adam, He simply shapes the dirt – specially imported from Mars and lo and behold, He breathed life into Man.  Now, you understand why men can wear their jeans for months and still feel very much at home.  God made Eve from Adam’s side and to be made his lifetime partner.  Eve was created to complement Adam, to be his help – and men – please – help does not mean a cleaning machine.  One romantic evening Adam and Eve were sitting together watching a beautiful sunset, when Eve asked Adam, “Adam, do you love me?”  Adam scanned the horizon, and his eyes took in all the thousands of animals, and said, “ Eve, there is no else but you.”  This had to be repeated everyday.  I learned that women speak a different language.  You see, in Venus – the language is structured on love and feelings and touch.  So every night when we go to bed, I would hug my wife on the bed and patiently wait for my arm to go numb…  It is my built-in timer….then it is safe for me to turn to my favourite sleeping position and  say, “Good Night, Honey”.  You can tell I look young, as I sleep very well every night for 17 years.  Every morning I have perfected a 3-second kiss, which is long enough to show that I am not in a hurry when I love my wife.  Secret number 1 is to Accept that she is from a different planet, and Secret number 2 is to speak the Venus language.  Honey, I have found the Moon.

Some people tell me that there are signs and wonders when two becomes one.  Yes, the wife signs the credit cards, while the man wonders….how much.  Perhaps, there are not many good shopping malls in Venus.  So Venus women love to shop when they are on earth.  But my wife believes in helping me save money.   She says she just does not want to miss out on the great savings promised.

Yes, we had many heated arguments about the definition of saving money.  Money can divide and break a marriage if it becomes the focus.  So after experiencing many cold shoulders and … warm nights on the living room sofa, I felt there must be a better way. I simply gave up!   I decided not to control my wife’s spending.  I decided not to put her down by saying, “wasting money, again!” when she buys me yet another British India shirt.  I decided to look past her action, and look deep into her heart.  When I did that, I saw something different.  She was buying things to make me happy, to help me look good and to make a beautiful home for us.  Wow…..This sets me free to trust her.  Strangely, her spending actually reduced, when I simply let go, love her and trusted her.  Ah ha…. this is Secret number 3.  Venus women cannot be controlled, but they will love you best when you set her free.    Honey, I have found the Moon!




Ladies and Gentlemen:  Remember, the Secrets to a Sensational, Sensuous and Successful marriage are to (1) accept that your wife is from Venus, (2) learn to speak her Venus language and (3) Venus women are not to be controlled, but set her free to love you.     I just like to leave you with this thought, “Remember you did not marry your wife that you just have to live with.  Rather you have married your wife because she is your Venus that Martians cannot live without”.   So when you go home tonight…. Give your wife that 3-second kiss.  Believe me, it is better than pumping 300 balloons.  And don’t forget to say, “Honey, I have found the Moon!”  Contest Chair !

Tiarel International Speech and Table Topics Contest 2011


Tiarel’s Annual International Speech and Table Topics Speech Contest was held on 26 February 2011.

Thank you to all contestants (members) for your spontaneous and enthusiastic participation.

Congratulations to the following people for delivering winning speeches:



International Speech Contest Results
Champion: Richard Sng

1st Runner-up: Susiwati Ta 
2nd Runner-up: Albert Anto 

Table Topics Speech Contest Results

Champion: Richard Sng 
1st Runner-up: Susiwati Ta 
2nd Runner-up: David Kow

Richard Sng, Distinguished Toastmaster, is the winner in the Area S2 Table Topics Contest and 1st runner-up in the Area S2 International Speech Contest held on 12 March 2011. He will be representing Area S2 to take part in the upcoming Division S Table Topics Contest.

Congratulations to Richard! We wish him all the best!


Accept – Champion Contest Speech

Champion Contest Speech 2003/2004 by Richard Sng

“He looks unfriendly. He looks unapproachable. Fierce looking, intimidating.”


Yes, time and time again I heard these remarks said about me.  I’ve even been told that I possess the 3Gs.  No, not the 3rd Generation mobile phones.  I look grim, grumpy and grouchy.

It is a fact and I have to ACCEPT the fact !



Contest Chair, ladies and gentlemen.


We have to ACCEPT the fact that life isn’t perfect.  There will be stumbling blocks, obstacles and barriers along our journey of life.  We have to learn to ACCEPT them !


Do we get HURT, ANGRY and DEPRESSED by what others say, how others feel towards us and what others think of us ?

Our lives will become miserable when we cannot ACCEPT these remarks, resulting in poor SELF RESPECT, poor SELF ESTEEM and poor SELF CONFIDENCE.


Let me share with you my experience.  The SIX GOLDEN, no, GOLDEN is absolute. GOLDEN has become a cliche. The SIX PLATINUM WAYS and how you can learn to ACCEPT.

I’ve come up with this acronym A C C E P T .



Acknowledge our weaknesses, limitations and shortcomings.  It is important that we must be AWARE of them !

Yes, A is to ACKNOWLEDGE and to be AWARE.


Two … To ACCEPT is to CHANGE.

CHANGE for the better.

Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said ?

” To improve is to CHANGE.  To be perfect is to CHANGE often. “

Two months ago I went for a major operation and was hospitalised for ten days.  Next month I will have to go for another operation.  I have to CHANGE my eating habits.  I have to CHANGE my lifestyle.  CHANGE for the better.


If we cannot CHANGE, then COMPROMISE.



I cannot CHANGE my face unless I go for plastic surgery.  So I COMPROMISE.  I learn to smile more. My club members always remind me to smile often.  I approach others instead of waiting for them to come forward to speak to me.


Four … To ACCEPT is to be realistic about our EXPECTATIONS.

We want the ideal partner, the ideal job and the ideal figure.

We are not tall enough.  We are not smart enough.  We are not good-looking enough.  I say,  enough of this ‘ enough syndrome ‘ !


Next … To ACCEPT is to practise PATIENCE

I know I do not portray the ideal first impression.  I am patient.  Over time, many people will get to know me, my character and my personality.  I get to make more friends.


Lastly … To ACCEPT is to exercise TOLERANCE

Many of my friends know that I sleep very late ……… 2 am, 3 am.

I dare not go to bed. I wait till I’m very tired and sleepy before I go to bed.

Let me tell you the real reason.

I occupy only one-third of the bed.  My spouse occupies two-thirds. Those who have shared rooms with me at Toastmasters conventions will know that I do not smoke.  I do not snore.

Soh Swee Kiat, James Leong, Michael Wee, Tony Phee.

For many years I got hit, I got slapped, I got kicked.

On two occasions I was kicked out of bed.  You see, my spouse is a very bad sleeping partner.  She is very restless.

She tosses and turns in bed all the time !

Each time she tosses, I get hit !  Each time she turns, I get slapped.

When we took our marriage vows, it was ” in sickness and in health, for better or for worse ‘.  I have been worse off.

I checked with my Toastmasters lawyer friends whether I have good grounds for a divorce; abuse and torture.  I just have to TOLERATE.


Ladies and Gentlemen, each time when I face setbacks and drawbacks, each time when I feel low and down, I remember these beautiful lines :


Nothing can bring back the hour

of splendour in the grass, of beauty in the flower.

Let us not look back but rather find

strength in what is left behind. “


Yes, find the strength to ACCEPT !


Look ahead !  Move on !  Life can be better !


Contest Chair.


Contest speech by DTM Richard Sng ~ the Champion of TRL TMC’s In House International Speech Contest held on Feb 28, 2004.


Subsequently, he won the 1st Runner-Up at the Area S2 International Speech Contest on March 20, 2004.