27th September 2014, The Highlights & Delights

The Highlights  &  The Delights

27th September 2014 Saturday


Richard Sng, our past President, called the meeting to order punctually at 2.15pm. Members and guests were requested to introduce themselves by stating their name, the club/organisation they belong to/worked in, and to describe one change they want for themselves to improve their life. It was brief and an interesting round of self introduction to build rapport and break the ice and also to create a wonderful Tiarel family atmosphere.


Word of the Day (LE)

A Sowmya, the Language Evaluator for the meeting, provided us with the Word of the Day, which was, “AMUSE”. Members and guests were encouraged to make use of the word in their speeches/messages during the course of the meeting.


Toastmaster of the Day

Raja Nallaperumal, our VPE, navigated us through the meeting with excellent control of the timing. He welcomed our guests as well as introducing all the appointment holders for the meeting.


Opening Address by Club President

Neil Sarno, our 2014-2015 Club’s President gave an inspiring opening address relating to Positive Thinking in Life. He started by expressing that thinking positive outlook in life makes our life more interesting and challenging. In reinforcing his message, he quoted Zig Ziglar by stating that “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will”. Neil went on to highlight the Toastmaster’s Promise #5: “To help the club maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all to learn and grow”, a promise which Tiarel TMC embraced and lives by always. He shared that the reasons why he stayed committed to serve our club is that he can always feel the positive, friendly environment and enjoyed every aspect of the Tiarel Chapter meetings. In closing his address, Neil provided another quote, “Be friendly to everyone. Those who deserve it the least need it the most” from Bo Bennett.


Prepared Speeches

1. Internet of Things was Anil’s P2 speech. He spoke about the evolution of the internet, describing it in the three waves, that is, Computer Internet to Mobile Internet and to Internet of Things. It was a very technical yet interesting topic which gave us more insights into the world of internet.


2. Rising from your Comfort Zone was the P10 speech from A Sowmya. This will be the final project speech from the Basic Communication manual that will earn her the title of Competent Communicator (CC). She started her speech interestingly by asking 3 people to raise their hand to catch an object she was about to throw to them to catch. As usual, most of us had that inner voice questioning us whether to raise our hand or not. Eventually, 3 “brave” people came out from their comfort zone and raised their hands. Wow! What a simple and impactful way to highlight the essence of her speech title! She went on to share a quote “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” from Neale Donald Walsch. In closing her speech, Sowmya shared with us the following acronym: H – Helpfuless; U – Understanding; M – Mingle; A – Amuse; N – Nurture.


3. Losing 20kg in 3 months was the AP1 speech (Speaking to Inform) delivered by Karinna. It was a topic many of us can relate to for one reason or another (laughter). As always, Karinna delivered her speech in a lively, fun and bubbly manner. She shared with us three (3) facts she had learned, as follows: i. The body is made up of 78% water. ii. We are not nutrients full. iii. Our body is acidic. Karinna concluded her speech by highlighting that drinking purified/distilled water could help in the weight reduction process..


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

Raja Nallaperumal: Anil Kumar

Neil Sarno: A Sowmya

Richard Sng: Karinna Boey

The feedback offered by the evaluators was motivating and encouraging.


Just 4 Laughs

Dr Ta provided two very interesting jokes after the refreshment break, to further liven up the meeting atmosphere and drawing laughter from everyone.


Fun with Table Topics

Karen Moke brought back the good old memories of childhood games that were played before the arrival of the computers, mobile phone, and internet games. Ten different types of games (cheap, fun and good) were placed in a bag. Whichever game item that is picked out from the bag becomes the table topic for the said speaker to share his/her memories and/or thoughts about the selected game item. The ten games are: i. Yoyo; ii. Lego; iii. Magic cube; iv. Hop scotch (drawn onto a piece of board); v. Marbles; vi. Chaptey; vii. Snake & ladder; viii. Rubber bands; ix. Mastermind; x. Stamp collection book.


Language Evaluator

A Sowmya was the language evaluator for the meeting. She did a commendable job despite taking up this role for the first time. Sowmya highlighted a few good phrases that were used by the various speakers, such as, “Good, better, best”, “Brilliant afternoon”, Refreshing presentation”, “I do not know how to tie a tie”, and “Something to keep and something to change”. Areas to improve included the need to complete a sentence when speaking and to avoid repeating yourself, such as, “I give an example, for example”. The Word of the Day, “AMUSE” was also used by the various speakers during their speeches. Overall, Sowmya said she enjoyed the experience being the LE and welcome feedback for her to improve in this role.

General Evaluator

Susiwati Ta bravely took on the role as General Evaluator as this was her first experience. Her composure and confidence in delivering her evaluation was great! She commented logically and to the point on what went well, what needs to be improved and the lessons learn from the evaluation. She also had a lot of encouraging words to the various appointment holders and speakers. In closing, Susiwati expressed that it was a good experience for her to do the GE role and looks forward to take on this role to further improve herself as a General Evaluator.



Soh Siew Wee Alice was our timer for the day. She did a great job in this time-executioner role.


Ah Counter

Lian Jinxing was all ears exercising his effective listening skill and indirectly becoming our “source of income” too.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: A Sowmya

Best Evaluation: Richard Sng

Best Table Topic: Susiwati Ta

Best Role: A Sowmya


Refreshments & Birthday Celebration

Home cooked food and desert (Fried Pineapple Rice and Green Bean Soup) were served as light refreshments besides the usual hot drinks and distilled water. Thanks to Siew Wee and her team for the time and effort in making the nice arrangements. It was a special day for A Sowmya too as we celebrated her birthday in the month for September. Group photos were taken to capture the joyous moments celebrating her birthday. “Many Happy Returns of The Day!”



Ms Kiranjeet Kaur, ATMB from Geylang Serai Toastmasters Club

Mr Jimmy, DSTA TMC

Ms Dharshana, Sowmya’s daughter

Next Meeting

There being no other matters, the meeting was closed by the President at 5.30pm. The next meeting will be held on Saturday 11st October 2014 from 9.00am to 12.00 noon at Room #04-01. Members will be going to Cheng San CC, after the Chapter meeting to support Richard in the Division S contests. We need to have at least six (6) members attending the 11 October 2014 meeting before we can proceed with the Chapter meeting. All members are encouraged to attend the meeting.


Contributed by George Goh, on behalf of Veron Lien, Club Secretary

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