11st October 2014, The Highlights

The Highlights

11st October 2014, Saturday

Prepared Speech

1. Veron Lien – P5 Your Body Speaks, titled “Relationship is Mindful“.

2. Sow Siew Wee – AP2 Speaking In Praise, titled “Our Hero, Mr Jack Ma“.

3. George Goh – P7 Research Your Topic, titled “Stress”.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Kishnan Venugopal, ACB, CL: Veron Lien

2. Karinna Boey, CC: Sow Siew Wee

3. Karen Moke, CC: George Goh


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: Sow Siew Wee & George Goh

Best Evaluation: Karinna Boey

Best Table Topic: Karinna Boey



Heartiest congratulation to A Sowmya for completion of Basic Competent Communication Manual on 23 September 2014



Broadly speaking, short words are the best, and old words best of allSir Winston Churchill

Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary

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