16th August 2014 Highlights

Prepared Speeches

1. Zhang Hong Liang – P3 Get to the Point, titled “Autumn recalls with Emotion“.

2. Patrick Moe Kyaw – P4 How to Say It, titled “Hobby“.

3. Yani Goh – P5 Your Body Speaks, titled “Unforgetable Memory“.

4. A Sowmya – P8. Get Comfortable with Visial Aids, titled “HI 5“.

5. Dr Ta King Ho, CC – AP5, The Humorous Speech (from the Humorous Speaking Manual), titled “Rest in Peace“.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Li Hairong, CC: Zhang Hong Liang

2. Karen Moke, CC: Patrick Moe Kyaw

3. Dr Ta King Ho, CC: Yani Goh

4. Richard Sng, DTM: A Sowmya

5. John Lee, CC/CL: Dr Ta King Ho

The feedback offered by the evaluators was motivating and encouraging.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: Yani Goh

Best Evaluation: Richard Sng

Best Table Topic: Veron Lien



1. Introduction of “Opt-Out Form” and “Individual Consent Form” for Tiarel members in connection with the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. Club Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests on 23rd August 2014.

3. Area S Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests on 6th September 2014.

4. Tiarel toastmasters Club received Presidents Distinguished Club and Reaching For The Rainbows awards for 2013 – 2014 presented by District 80.



Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary


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