26th July 2014, The Highlights & Delights

The Highlights & The Delights

26th July 2014 Saturday

Soh Siew Wee, the Sergeant At Arms called the meeting to order with her stunning Baju Kurung Kedah, a malay traditional costume for women. She requested each of us to cross introduce one member to bring closeness and warmth to everyone.


Toastmaster of the Day

Lian Jingxing, our VPM navigated us through the meeting with excellent control of the timing.


Opening Address by Club President

Neil Sarno, our 2014-2015 Club President reintroduced the mentoring program to all new members. It is a relationship process between mentor and mentee. The mentee learns and progresses through conversations with their experienced mentors. This strong growth experience subscribes to the reflective model where mentoring is seen as an intentional, insightful and nurturing process for both the mentor and mentee. Technology will be introduced due to its widespread accessibility to overcome the barriers of time and geographical location between mentors and mentees.


Prepared Speeches

1. “Power of words” was Veron Lien’s P4 How To Say It speech on how the choice of words affects our well being and things around us.


2. Yani Goh in her P4 narrated an intriguing story titled “Any form of choices involve gain and loss, come and go”. Moral of the story is to be content with what we have as there are always two sides to a coin.


3. Dr Ta King Ho in AP4 Keep Them Laughing, touched on how to keep a marriage going in “Marriage and beyond”.


4. Jamil Suleiman delivered an advanced speech from the Specialty Speeches Advanced Manual, P2 Uplift The Spirit, titled “The Utmost”. He inspired us to attend the scheduled meetings regularly and take part in any form of speeches.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

Karen Moke, CC: Veron Lien

Neil Sarno, CC: Yani Goh

Richard Sng, DTM: Ta King Ho, ACB

Richard Sng, DTM: Jamil Suleiman, ACB

The feedback offered by the evaluators was motivating and encouraging.


Hari Raya Celebration – Cultural Talk

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is a celebration that marks the end of the fasting month. Jamil Suleiman enlightened us on the common greetings to all muslim people around the world, practice of worship, charitable deeds, acts of compassion and myth of Ramadan. It was an educated and informed speech!


Special Talks – Art of Evaluation

Richard Sng shared with members the knowledge, motivation and skills they need to become more effective evaluators. ARTS – Analytical Quality, Recommendations, Technique and Summation are the core judging techniques one can exercise.


Fun with Table Topics

Raja Nallaperumal dished out four challenging topics about life. Jamil Suleiman, Kiranjeet Kaur, Patricia Wee and Veron Lien connected each with deep and logical impromptu speech.



Saha Anil Kumar, our first-time timer offered to exercise this time-executioner role.


Ah Counter

Soh Siew Wee exercising her effective listening skill.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Speech: Jamil Suleiman

Best Evaluation: Richard Sng

Best Table Topic: Patricia Wee


Refreshment Break

Fried noodles, fruits and homemade desert were the special of the day.

Thank you Siew Wee and Karen Moke for the time and effort.



Kiranjeet Kaur, ATMB from Geylang Serai Toastmasters Club and Patricia Wee, a retired Ministry of Education teacher visited us.


Contributed by Veron Lien, Club Secretary



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