The Highlights & The Delights (09-Mar-2013)


The Highlights & The Delights

 9th March 2013 Saturday

 Venue: Pasir Ris East Community Building


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Karinna Boey, the SAA commenced the meeting with the theme ‘animals’.


Toastmaster of the Day

The bubbly Ta Susiwati navigated us through the meeting, smooth flowing and well-controlled.


Opening Address by Club President

Soh Siew Wee cited the incident in the train where the young visiting South Korean taekwondo student offered his pair of slippers to the bare-footed old lady. “Would you do it if you were in his place? Would you step forward to serve in the executive committee or serve in various roles and perform duties at club meetings? What do you want to learn at each meeting? There are many things! Let’s learn and grow together!” exhorted the club President. Commendable!


Prepared Speeches

Kevin Tan, in AP5 The After-Dinner Talk (The Entertaining Speaker), “Tip of the Iceberg” touched on penguins, clams and walruses.

“Thalassemia” was Kenny Lim’s AP1 The Speech to Inform (Speaking to Inform) presentation on blood disorder was very informative and useful.

Li Hairong narrated an interesting folk tale of “The Cowherd and The Weaver Girl” for P6 Vocal Variety, exploring her vocal range and abilities

Karinna Boey in her P7 Research Your Topic highlighted the significance and the history behind “International Women’s Day”, celebrating women’s success.

Darren Lim was unable to attend to present his P4 How Your Say It speech.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Richard Sng                          Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan                              Kenny Lim        

Kenny Lim                             Li Hairong

Richard Sng                          Karinna Boey


The evaluators were focused and provided a balanced and useful feedback.


Birthday Celebration

The birthday boy for the month of March present was Kevin Tan, who described himself as 18×2 +2 years old (38 or 72?). Clue . . . multiply by 2, then add 2.


Induction Ceremony for New Members

Our newest members, Karen Moke and Jing Xing were inducted by Kevin Tan, our VPM. Welcome to the Tiarel family!


Fun with Table Topics

Richard Sng had to step up to take over the role. Debate! . . . a much-loved session . . . to rebut and refute your opponents’ arguments and proposals. Can you remember the motion? Ask those who participated!

Speaking for the Proposition were Kenny Lim, Ta Susiwati, Ho Eng Lye, Soh Siew Wee, Karen Moke and Raj.

Representing the Opposition were Karinna Boey, Kevin Tan, Li Hairong, Faizah, Teh Yun Ling and Jin Xing.


Language Evaluation

Wonder” was selected as the Word of the Day by a Past Club President Teh Yun Ling, who commented on the gems and creative usage of the language.



Faizah, our long-lost member surprised us with her presence to helm the role.


Ah Counter

Soh Siew Wee had to rein in her effective listening skill.


General Evaluation

Ho Eng Lye, a Past President, gave her take on the various aspects of the meeting.


Awards                                              Presented to:

Best Prepared Speech                    Karinna Boey

Best Speech Evaluation                  Richard Sng

Best Table Topic:                             Karinna Boey (again!)


Refreshment Break

Fried chicken, beehoon and bananas were provided.



Raj visited us.


Karinna Boey, Kevin Tan, Kenny Lim and Richard Sng had to take on dual roles.

Members, your presence, assistance and support, as highlighted by our Club President, are needed to add colour and variety to the meeting and atmosphere.

Raj and Jing Xing joined us as members. Welcome aboard!

Our usual meeting venue was unavailable, hence we were fortunate to get to use the beautiful conference room at Pasir Ris East Community Club.

NB: The motion was “Having Girls is Better than Having Boys.”


Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary

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