The Highlights & The Delights (02-Feb-2013)

The Highlights &  The Delights

2nd February 2013 Saturday



Ta Susiwati, called the meeting to order with “What will you be doing during the Lunar New Year?”


Toastmaster of the Day

It was the energetic and enthusiastic Tri Nguyen’s maiden TMD role who adlibbed after each speaker.


Opening Address by Club President

“What are your wishes for 2013?” Soh Siew Wee narrated the story of Susan, a humble housewife who received a US$1 billion reward. She financed a school where the money was used wisely and carefully. The girls were orphans, from low-income families or with single parents. Susan was Warren Buffett’s daughter. “We, in Toastmasters, are provided with useful suggestions and feedback. Be a giver, encourage others and we will be more cheerful people.”

Prepared Speeches

Kevin Tan, in AP4 Presenting an Award (Special Occasion Speeches), presented “The Pride of Hwa Chong”, The Hwa Chong Student of the Year Award.


“The Language Flowers Speak” was Ta Susiwati’s AP1 The Speech to Inform (Speaking to Inform) presentation on the meaning of each flower and its colour.


Karinna Boey in her P6 Vocal Variety of “The Awakening Sabai Sabai” shared her all-girls Chiengmai sojourn about the lizard.


Music to the Ear” was Darren Lim’s P3 Get to the Point speech on the genres of music, and that silence can be a form of music.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Richard Sng                          Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan                              Ta Susiwati

Zainab Ibrahim                    Karinna Boey

Ta Susiwati                            Darren Lim                    


The evaluators were alert, observant and encouraging in their feedback.


Just 4 (for) Laughs ©

Albert Anto regaled us with the incident of the dumb blonde who proved that she could fly a single-seater plane without any training, nor her instructor. At 3000 feet, it crashed because she felt cold and switched off the ‘fan’!


Birthday Celebration

The birthday of four members falls in the month of February but only Zainab Ibrahim was the birthday girl present to cut the cheese cake.


Induction Ceremony for New Members

Our newest member, Alison Chan was the only one present to be inducted.


Fun with Table Topics

Soh Siew Wee dished out eleven topics and all who took the challenge, spoke within time.


Table Topics Evaluation

Richard Sng offered pointers and tips to the speakers, in preparation for the Table Topics contest on 23rd February!


Language Evaluation

Renown” was chosen as the Word of the Day by the Immediate Past President Albert Anto, who highlighted the alliterations, metaphors, triads and improper usage of the language. He had the book “Wriggle, Wrestle Wrangle with Words” as his source of reference.



Soh Siew Wee, had to handle the timing device in the absence of Joshua New.


Ah Counter

Tan Siok Gim made a return to the club and handled the role in effective listening.


Awards                                              Presented to:

Best Prepared Speech                    Karinna Boey & Darren Lim*

Best Speech Evaluation                  Kevin Tan

Best Table Topic:                             Karinna Boey & Richard Sng


*disqualified (timing)


Refreshment Break

We cleaned up the mee goreng, fried chicken, nectarines and bananas.



Kenny, an NS man made his second visit.


Kevin Tan, Albert Anto, Ta Susiwati and Richard Sng  had to take more than one role.



Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary

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