The Highlights & The Delights (27-Oct-2012)


The Highlights & The Delights

27th October 2012, Saturday

SAA V Krishnan called the meeting to order, requesting us to share on the subject, food.

Toastmaster of the Day

David Kow steered the day’s programme and in excellent control of the timing.

Word of the Day

Richard Sng touched on the significance and importance of words.  Words, especially in the spoken form, used with colour, flavour and glamour, can make our speeches and presentations more enriching, enlivening and enlightening.

Play on words, or wordplay, was introduced, coupled with many examples picked from his book “Wriggle, Wrestle, Wrangle with Words”.

Opening Address by Club President

Another analogy was used by Soh Siew Wee. By just adding an ice cube on the hot plate of steak a difference was made.  A simple lesson on creativity helped to boost sales at an eatery. ‘The Toastmasters club is a transformational platform to be a creative speaker and confident leader,’ exhorted the club President.

Prepared Speeches

Li Hairong, a very dedicated and committed new member has been presenting her prepared speeches very consistently.  “The Living Legend” P4 How To Say It, was about the amazing farmer singer – Zhu Zhiwen, a 42-year-old farmer who rose to fame in 2011, singing the theme song of the Water Margin – water flowing eastward in the Yangtze River.

The speech was very rich in rhetorical devices, coupled with excellent use of the English language.  Hairong’s speech displayed her remarkable command in grammatical usage and sentence structure.  Much effort was put in drafting and crafting her speech.

“Align with your Passion” was Neil Sarno’s P8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids” speech.  Simple, yet impressive colourful slides and props were used to convey his message.  Passion, potential and purpose translate into success.  Well done Neil, you have shown significant progress and confidence in speech making.

Kevin Tan gave a Special Project Presentation from the Successful Club Series Manual.  He elaborated on the Communication and Leadership tracks in Toastmasters.  The various meeting roles and the Toastmasters hierarchy were shared, which were very useful and helpful to the new members.

Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Kevin Tan                              Li Hairong

Richard Sng                          Neil Sarno

The feedback was relevant, addressing and focusing on the objectives.

Just 4 (For) Laughs©

Li Hairong, gamely took on the role for the first time, having dual meeting roles.

I could not keep up with the flurry of teasers, jokes and humour dished out to us.

The session helped to liven up and lighten up the mood of the serious ones in us.

Fun with Table Topics

Soh Siew Wee took to the stage, enticing us to pick an item from her goodies bag.  Krishnan, Shanmugan, Li Hairong, David Kow, Kevin Tan and Neil Sarno sportingly volunteered to speak on the items taken out.

Language Evaluation

The school holidays are just round the corner.  Many parents will be signing up their children for holiday camps.  Richard Sng told the audience that they were attending a Language Camp, using C.A.M.P., the acronym tagline for his language evaluation . . . the Creative use, Abuse and Misuse and Pronunciation of words.  Most examples were from Li Hairong’s speech.

Listening Master

Our regular feature was helmed by Krishnan.  He bribed us with black ballpoint pens. Some had more than one!  The excitement had to be contained, with boisterous members shouting out the answers without raising their hands.  It was another enjoyable session to test our listening and memory skills.


Neil Sarno had to double up with an extra meeting role.

Ah Counter

Our club President Siew Wee had to man the ‘ah, erm, er’ counter as well.

Awards                                              Presented to:

Best Speech:                                     (no voting)

Best Evaluation:                               (no voting)

Best Table Topic:                             Kevin Tan

Refreshment Break

Ginseng drink, bananas, rice, gravy, and what else did we have???

Thanks to Soh Siew Wee and Krishnan for planning and getting out the programme.

Patricia and Shanmugan (a Punggol Secondary School teacher) were our guests.

Kevin, Li Hairong, Patricia and I joined Soh Siew Wee for drinks at a nearby coffee shop.  It was a discussion and a bonding session for us to build camaraderie.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary


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