The Highlights & The Delights – 14th July 2012 Meeting

The Highlights & The Delights

14th July 2012 Meeting

Our first meeting of the 2012-2013 term commenced punctually at 2.15 pm,  a hallmark and trademark of our club.

Guests present included ex-member Past President Ho Siew Eng, Area S2 Governor Faruk Muhammed, Yew Runbin, Jacqueline Ng, Nah Wenbin, Alex, Vivien and Nutt.

A Video Clip of 2011-2012 events was screened: club meetings, outdoor meeting, joint meetings, club contests, Language Evaluation workshop. A commendable effort compiled by Zainal Abidin. Very nostalgic.

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the outgoing executive committee members by Past President Ho Eng Lye.

Awards, Accolades and Achievements:

Performing the honours was the outgoing Club President Albert Anto.


CC   –  Zainal Abidin, Kenny Lim, Gordon Lu

ACB –  Ta Susiwati, Krishnan Venugopal

CL    –  Ta Susiwati, Albert Anto

Awards & Accolades:

Most Members Recruited                                                              –  Richard Sng

Most Appointments Held (15)                                                      –  Richard Sng

Most Valuable Member (Highest Nominations Received)    –  Richard Sng

Address by Area S2 Governor:  Faruk Muhammed

Compliments were accorded to the outgoing ex-co’s “spectacular contributions”.

Reference was made to Kevin Tan’s “Life is a choice” by making our presence at the meeting, and Richard Sng’s “Leaving a Legacy” contest speech.

“Procrastination” was touched on. “I am excited to be with Tiarel.”

Installation of Club Officers 2012-2013:

After an absence of nearly two years, Past President Lee Fung Fung (now a proud mother of twins) graced the occasion as the Installation Officer.  It was conducted with dignity and grace.  All the club officers (except Krishnan, who was out of town) were present.

Club President’s Address:

Soh Siew Wee brought us back four years ago when she first stepped into Tiarel. She reflected on Lee Fung Fung’s speech that day about the frogs being comfortable.  She re-emphasised the message of not to “Never give up”.

Exciting forthcoming events were highlighted.  (Very ambitious, hor!)

“Elaboration on Evaluation” (Educational Presentation):

Past President Richard Sng shared his observations at the numerous Toastmasters clubs he was invited to.  He cautioned on the DOs and the DONTs, the Roles, Duties and Responsibilities of evaluators.  “Focus on the objectives, requirements and guidelines of the project speech in your oral evaluation, and nothing else!”

Prepared Speeches:

Kevin Tan in “The President”, his AP3 ‘The Roast’ roasted Albert Anto.

Tri Nguyen stirred us with his P6 ‘Vocal Variety’ “Do you have to Cheat to Win?” Janelle Cua used to complain about her childhood, her life and her job.  Without script, confident and steadfast, she endeared us with “Positivity is Possible”.

Birthday Celebration:

The club decided to kick-start this term by incorporating this, to celebrate members’ birthday.  Our birthday boy and girl for July are Kenny and Susiwati.

Refreshment Break:

Zainal’s wife brought us dry mee siam, murtabak and chengterng.  Alice contributed mini apples and Indonesian cakes.  Have I missed out anything?

Speech Evaluations:

Intimidated after the educational segment, Tay Juet Hui and Tan Siok Gim were fazed and frazzled, and exceeded time.  Only Ho Eng Lye was disciplined.

Evaluate the Evaluators:

Immediately after, Richard Sng evaluated the feedback of the evaluators. Choice of words, striking a balance and specific suggestions were offered.

Induction Ceremony:

Our VP Membership inducted Darren, Adib, Janelle, Li Hairong and Karinna. Our five newbies made solemn and serious pledges as proud members.

Fun with Table Topics:

The theme, English Proverbs was led by Albert Anto.

Kudos and Bravos to Darren, Karinna, Alex, Adib, Runbin and Fung Fung who either volunteered or were roped in.

Listening Master:

Fun and laughter were in the air as Susiwati tested our listening skill.  Goodies were thrown to the winners with the correct answers.


Best Speech:                                     Kevin Tan

Best Evaluation:                               Ho Eng Lye (by default)

Best Table Topic Speech:              Darren

AGS2 Faruk complimented that it was an almost perfect meeting. Obviously, there is no such thing as perfection!  “Tiarel will excel further.”

Nah Wenbin remarked that it was a terrific meeting.  “Very, very good!”

Vivien (Susiwati’s classmate) announced it was her first time at a Toastmasters meeting.  “Very encouraging.”

Yew Runbin (Kevin Tan’s wife) confessed that it was an energizing and encouraging meeting.

Lisa Ooi said that coming back brought fond memories.  “Fun.”

It was a 3.1/2-hour meeting.   It was fun, fruitful and fulfilling.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng Club Secretary

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