P10: You can do it if you really want

14 Jan 2012

(music and Zainal singing ‘You can do it if you really want’)

To be successful in this life is not easy but not impossible. First you must have a dream which you must believe in, because a dream is born from an idea, a simple idea conceived in the mind, and with a combination of determination, enthusiasm,

perserverence, diligence and patience, you need to step out from your comfort zone and use your god given talent and abilities. God do not have time to make a nobody somebody, you can.


Let me share with you some true stories. When a friend of mine working as Administrative Officer was retrenched at the age of 47 he could not get another job after attending many interviews. He was determined to change vocation and decided to become a taxi driver. He do not have a vocational and driving license and start to enroll in driving classes. He took 21 times to pass his driving test. A true grit and determination.

In 1891 Samuel Langley had a dream to fly. He made model airplanes with whirling arms powered by steam engine. It crashed immediately after being launched. He was disappointed and gave up trying to fly. He died a broken man.

At the same time 2 school dropouts had the same dream. It also crashed after being launched, but every time it crashed they rise up and try again and again. About a dozen trial and error finally they taste sweet success. In 1903 the first plane ever to fly.

The next time you hear or see an airplane or travel on one remember where it all started. A simple idea conceived in the minds of 2 school dropouts who do not finish high school. They did not have a degree, aeronautical engineering, mathematics, physics or any other subjects. They were not scientist in the true sense of the word and yet 2 bicycle mechanics accomplish what they had believed in.

What idea or ideas are you working on. Have you said to yourself you cant do this or that because you are not a scientist. Have you limited yourself in saying you are not smart enough, or have you join the majority in saying that everything has already been invented or discovered.

There are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happen. I leave it to you to decide which category of people you want to belong to. It is your birth right to have anything you want in this life. The choice is yours.


Evaluation by Teh Yun Ling, CTM


Here are the main points of the evaluation:


  1. A song as the opening was attention catching.
  2. Zainal maintained excellent eye contact with the audience.
  3. Loud and clear voice which is magnetic. Both points 2 and 3 displayed his sincerity.
  4. Humour was injected in the speech.
  5. Both positive and negative examples were given.




  1. Avoid swinging hands.
  2. Use one or two personal stories especially how the speaker overcame obstacles and eventually succeeded by beliveing in himself.





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