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Where do you keep the meeting schedules with your customers? How do you check the dates of your club’s meetings? When is your wife’s birthday? What number do I dial to locate my boss if I am unable to go to the office? Huh, what is the name and number of the photographer that you had in mind for your wedding dinner? You have given me some very good pointers which I would like to write down but where can I find the pen and papers? Where are the pieces of papers that I had written on?

In the past, people put the dates and time on the calendar. We also put friends’ names, telephone numbers as well as addresses in small booklets. We write in bits and pieces of papers which can be easily misplaced. In the corporate planner that we receive from our company or suppliers, we put our meeting schedules, notes and business contacts information. When there are changes, we had to cancel or use liquid correction fluid. It is very untidy.

Nowadays, you can see people using a device called Palm Pilot or Pocket PC that is a PDA.
What is a PDA? PDA stands for “Personal Digital Assistant”. They are used as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM in short, that has the same features of the corporate planner except that it had additional features like accessing emails, listening to MP3 music, surfing the net, etc.

In the past, I used to look for papers or post-pads so that I can take down my friends’ contacts numbers, email addresses and lunch appointments. My table and monitor screen will be full of post-pads and papers… One day, when I need to find some contact numbers, I couldn’t find it. A lot of appts are made with the users and I was unable to manage my time properly as most of the time, I do not have my corporate planner with me.

One day, on the bus, I realized that I need a device that I could carry around that is not bulky but come in handy. I can put it in my pocket and have the basic requirements like contact list, calendar, journal, appts, notes. I realized that there is a PDA device called Palm Pilot. One of the model – Palm IIIx catch my eyes as it had the requirements at an affordable price.

After using the Palm Pilot for almost 3 yrs, I decided that I need more features like keeping the format that I had created and saved. What doesn’t the Palm IIIx able to do? As it needs to convert to Palm readable format to the software that can be read and required to purchase additional software like “Do*****ents to Go ” which need to be install on the computer to convert the files.

After a few days of analyzing the information I had, I went down to Challenger at Funan the IT Mall to purchase a Pocket PC devices called HP (Compaq) IPAQ and buy additional add-on features like Dual sleeves that comes with additional battery and memory card like IBM Microdrive.

This PDA has a Windows Based interface and it had Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Notepad, Pocket Outlook, Games, Windows Media Player to play music, a microphone for recording lectures and many other. Eventually, I had upgraded my IPAQ to a better one that is faster and brought accessories like Keyboard, Battery charger – which I can charge my battery anywhere anytime, a screen protector, GPS card that comes with the Singapore map. Not forgetting additional software that is popular for use like – Bus guide, Antivirus program, Pocket Slides and games.

In conclusion, having a PDA had changed my life in many ways and I become more organized with my schedules, more productive and save the environment by using less paper.

Why not consider getting a PDA for your needs?

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