Never Use A Paragraph

I can hold my hands up and admit that I struggle to keep to this!
Time is the most important commodity in your life.
You wouldn’t purposely walk around the block just to go next door…so make sure that you don’t try to do the same
when you are communicating with other people.
Whether you like it or not…everyone prefers the sound of their own voice instead of yours. Don’t speak in single syllables…but just make sure that you GET TO THE POINT!
Action Point:
In what ways can you be more economical with your
We are bombarded with more messages than ever before…and people are becoming more and more aware that they should filter out the non-essential ones…in whatever form they are.
Make sure that are concise, precise, and accurate…and you will stand much more chance of being heard (or read).
An E-Course for a Happy and Successful Future Lesson 73 – Never Use A Paragraph When A Sentence Will Do

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