I have been diligently doing my speeches. Do I get any recognition?

When you finish your 10 basic projects, Toastmasters International (TI) will award you the title of Competent Communicator(CC). Should you desire, TI can also mail a congratulatory note citing your achievements to your employer.


After you have finished your basic projects, you can move on through either the communication track or leadership track.

Along the communications track, you can achieve titles like Advanced Communicator Bronze, Silver and Gold. Along the leadership track, you can achieve Competent Leader, Advanced Competent Leader Bronze, Silver and Gold. When you have both Advanced Competent Leader Gold and Advanced Communicator Gold, you are a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).


These titles are useful as goals throughout our Toastmasters journey, directing us to work towards learning and practicing our communication skills. Also, DTM is not the end of Toastmasters. Many Toastmasters have completed their DTM and proceeded to re-do it once more with different manuals!

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