I always feel very nervous when I speak in front of a crowd.

Take comfort that everyone, even the most experienced of speakers will feel butterflies in their stomach when they start to speak in front of an audience. They just don’t look nervous because they are able to control their nervousness very well.

Tip 1: Scan, Smile, Speak. Follow this simple 3 steps sequence.


First, position yourself in the centre of the room, or wherever most appropriate, and while breathing normally, scan the room, smile when you are ready, then speak. And throughout your presentation, keep on smiling. Smiling is what we call a prompting gesture – when you smile at the audience, the audience are inclined to smile back at you. And when you see them smiling back at you, you feel reassured and can perform better. This is a cycle – you keep smiling at them and they keep smiling at you. Both parties would be relaxed – you can perform well and the audience is receptive.

Tip #2: Use your body language, and particularly gestures. Gestures help to convert your nervous energy into positive energy. The more you gesticulate, the more loosened up you will feel. Gestures also add colors to your presentations and all your nervous energy will be converted to good use.

Tip #3: If it is a presentation you can prepare for, prepare!! Always prepare your presentation well in advance. When you are comfortable with and informed about your topic, delivering it will be a breeze.


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