25th July 2015 Chapter Meeting

25 July 2015 Chapter Meeting


Venkat’s word of the day was “Paradigm”. Paradigm can be used as a noun, to mean a typical example or pattern of something, a pattern or model.

During the President’s speech, Raja pointed out that many of us are always searching for what we don’t have, even to the point of obsession. Instead, why not build on what we already have and make the best of it?

The new members, Venkat, Hao Qin, Feng Yi and El Mundo, were inducted into the club. They solemnly promised to keep the Toastmaster’s promises; the club also promised to support them in their Toastmaster’s journey.


Project Speeches

1. Tan Hao Qin – P2 Organize Your Speech, titled “Thinking out of the Box

Hao Qin persuaded us to think out of the box in daily life. Even simple matters can benefit from a little creative and critical thinking. It was entertaining to hear about his outdoor cooking experience, especially when the high tide nearly drowned his dinner!

2. Yani Goh – P9 Persuade with Power, titled “Hiding in Plain Sight

Yani convinced us of the many hidden sugars in every day foods. Did you know that sugar can cause many health problems, including tooth decay, gout and obesity? Yani also introduced us to an interesting new sugar from Luo Han Guo (Monk’s Fruit) which contains zero calories!

3. Adeline Hseih – P9 Persuade with Power, titled “Are You Convinced

Adeline brought us her impressive stamp collection which she has amassed over the years. Using that example, she told us how much starting a collection could mean. For her, it has brought joy, a sense of satisfaction and wonderful memories. Are you convinced to start your own collection that you can look upon in the future with pride and joy?

4. Soh Siew Wee – AP1 Warm Up Your Audience from the Humorously Speaking manual, titled “Lazy but Wise

Siew Wee got us laughing at a family which was so lazy that they left all their housework to the dog! Poor dog. However, being lazy motivates us to think of smarter and more efficient ways. If we were not lazy, we would still be using our legs to get around instead of trains and busses!  

Karinna and Siew Wee put together a delicious spread of fried bee hoon, bananas and pizza. Veron even brought wine to pour and share!


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Karinna Boey, ACB: Tan Hao Qin

2. Ta Susiwati, ACB, ALB: Yani Goh

3. Richard Sng, DTM: Adeline Hsieh

4. Neil Sarno, CC: Soh Siew Wee, ACB

Veron’s table topics were based on objects she brought. They included a leather elephant, a small pocket book and a Vitamin D lip gloss.

Feng Yi’s calm, deadpan humour shone through when he spoke about the lip gloss and how his mother would appreciate it.

Venkat’s maiden language evaluation was encouraging for all of us. He pointed out the hits and misses throughout the meeting. Well done Venkat!

Raja’s maiden general evaluation was sharp and detailed. He managed to spot many areas for improvement that we can learn from. This includes punctuality (we started late by 3mins), typos in the agenda and others.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Prepared Speech: Adeline Hsieh

Best Evaluator: Ta Susiwati

Best Table Topic: Low Feng Yi



1. The next meeting shall be on 8th Aug 2015 at the Botanic Gardens, please contact Anil to request for a speaking slot or appointment role!

2. Stay tuned for our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22nd August 2015.


Contributed by Ta Susiwati, Club Secretary 

11 July 2015 EXCO Installation and Chapter Meeting

11 July 2015 EXCO Installtaion and Chapter Meeting


The theme of the meeting was “Leadership” which resonated from the start to the end.

Siew Wee opened the meeting with a simple question “Do you think you are a leader?”
Karen said she’s a leader to her children and Sam playfully commented “I’m not a leader, Karen is my leader!” Look at that smooth husband in action!
Venkat is preparing to become an efficient leader. Many other people also commented that they are a leader, at least of themselves.

Susi’s word of the day was “Fan”. Fan can either be used as a noun or verb. You can be a fan of Manchester United., or fan yourself with your hands or ask a crowd to fan out. She encouraged us to explore its unconventional uses during the meeting.

In the inaugural president’s speech, Raja spoke about the differences between leaders and managers. Managers say “Do it!” while leaders say “Let’s do it”. Leadership is an action, not a position. Often, we can only see the true calibre of a leader when we are in difficult times. Like tea leaves, we need to be put into hot water before the hidden, dried up and shrivelled leaves can unfurl to reveal the fragrant aroma of quality tea. Let’s look forward to Raja’s leadership in the new term!


Project Speeches

1. Raja Nallaperumal – P1 The Ice Breaker, titled “My Foot Steps

Raja also told us all about himself in his re-do of Project 1. He was born in a non-city environment, excelled at his studies and moved quite a lot for work before ending up in Singapore now. Now he likes meditation, yoga, reading and of course toastmasters.

2. Venkat – P2 Organize Your Speech, titled “Deadline

Venkat also spoke about deadlines in his project 2, an engaging speech which was easy to follow and demonstrated his strengths as a speaker. He also shared useful tips for us to deal with deadlines, which I found useful in my ongoing battle with deadlines at school and at work!

Happy Birthday to our July babies – Kenny, Susi, Neil and Hao Qin! Thanks to them, we had a delicious chocolate birthday cake. Susi bought the cake and claims credit for having bought Susi’s favourite flavour – Chocolate! (Cheers at the amount of research we put in so that our birthday babies are happy!)



Siew Wee and Anil, our devoted SAA and VPE, put together a filling lunch at 3pm. There was roasted chicken, fried rice, vegetables and green bean soup. We ate to our fill and wiped out everything.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator: Speech presented by

1. Susiwati Ta, ACB, ALB: Raja Nallaperumal, CC

2.  Sowmya, CC: Venkat

After the break, Susi and Sowmya presented their evaluations. Susi was focused on the objectives for Raja’s speech and Sowmya was an encouraging evaluator to Venkat.

Sowmya also brought table topics that were related to the theme. Some questions she posed included “Would you consider it necessary for a leader to be selfless?” and “Persuade and Persist, which is more important?”

Susi brought a language evaluation that pointed out creative language used throughout the meeting, uses of the word of the day as well as some suggestions she proposed. Susi thinks language evaluation is a scary and challenging role, but she’s glad she tried it. Well, we need to challenge ourselves in order to grow.

Hao Qin took up his first appointment role today by being the AH-counter. Thanks to his hard work, we shall have more money for refreshments in the future! Let’s work towards the day when the AH-counter does not catch any pause fillers at all from the entire club.

Richard pointed out important points that we missed when preparing the meeting. The general evaluation was thorough and covered everything from the agenda, to the set-up, meeting flow, up till the last segment before him. It was definitely valuable feedback for the new EXCO.


Ribbon Awards Presented to:

Best Table Topic: Feng Yi

There were no best prepared speech and evaluator awards as there were only 2 speakers.


Special Welcome

El Mundo, Neil’s invited guest, also agreed to join the club after sitting through the meeting!

Let’s welcome our newest member, El Mundo!



1. The next meeting shall be on 25th July 2015, please contact Anil to request for a speaking slot or appointment role!

2. Stay tuned for our Tiarel Club’s Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contest on 22nd August 2015.


Contributed by Ta Susiwati, Club Secretary