The Highlights & The Delights (13-Jul-2013)

The Highlights  &  The Delights

13th July 2013 Saturday


Breaking the Ice
SAA Neil Sarno called the meeting to order by asking the members to re-affirm their commitment to the club and give suggestions on how they can better the club.

Programme Introduction
Toastmaster of the Day Richard Sng took over control of the meeting, reminded members to silent their mobile devices and give a rousing and thunderous applause to all speakers that day.

President’s Opening Address
Club President Karinna Boey thanked the previous executive committee for their fabulous job, which led to the retention of the President’s Distinguished Club status. She shared her vision of a Tiarel Toastmasters where members are all motivated and well supported by the Executive Committee. With 3 As, Attitude, Awareness and Authenticity, she was sure members will be able to achieve their personal goals and the club will once again retain the President’s Distinguished Club status at the end of this term.

Prepared Speeches
Kevin Tan presented his Advanced Project 2, Uplift the Spirit from the Specialty Speeches Manual by sharing the relationship between “Life and Chocolate”. He used the analogy of chocolates being opportunities in our life to urge members in the audience to grasp every opportunity presented to them in their life.

Albert Anto shared on how we should all start working on a problem when faced with difficulties at work. He reiterated that it is better to walk out of a problem than to procrastinate, in “Feet”, his Advanced Project 1, Speak Off the Cuff from the Specialty Speeches Manual.

Lian Jinxing, in his Project 4 “Let your Children Go”, taught us that ‘If we help our children all the time, they will not learn; however, if we let the children go, they may fall, but they will learn important lessons which will help them later in their life’.

Alison Chan was generous by sharing with us “3 Simple Slimming Techniques” in her Project 3, Get to the Point. Remember, to drop the kilos, apply pressure to your acupuncture points, do leg raises and massage your tummy in the areas demonstrated by her in her speech.

David Kow delivered a poised Project 1, The Ice Breaker with “Riddles and Mind Improvement Techniques”. He told the audience how they could move their companies towards Performance Excellence with the above-mentioned techniques.

Refreshment Break
We would like to thank Karen Moke for the sumptuous spread of food during our refreshment break.

Just 4 (For) Laughs© and Brain Teaser
Immediately after the break, Karen Moke, lightened the mood of the meeting by sharing with us jokes about dogs and snow.
After that, she kept us on our toes by conducting a light-hearted, yet mentally stimulating Brain Teaser session.

Speech Evaluations
Evaluator:                                           Speech presented by:
Vanessa Lim (NUS TMC)               Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan                                           Albert Anto
Neil Sarno                                          Lian Jinxing
Karinna Boey                                     Alison Chan
Karen Moke                                        David Kow

The evaluators were encouraging and gave useful feedback to the speakers.

Fun with Table Topics
Albert, Vanessa, Ken (guest), Wilson (guest), Jinxing, Yani, Karen, Alison and Kevin answered the challenge of Table Topics Master, David Kow. They shared their thoughts and gave feedback on current issues affecting Singapore.

Yani Goh was attentive and diligent as a timer.

Ah Counter
Jamil, our ever helpful past president, relieved Alison Chan from the Ah Counter duty so she can focus on her project. Thanks, Jamil. 
President Karinna read out the Ah Counter Report as Jamil has to leave slight earlier.

Awards                                               Presented to:
Best Speech:                                    David Kow
Best Evaluation:                               Karinna Boey
Best Table Topic:                             Vanessa Lim

The meeting at around 5.30p.m.