The Highlights & The Delights (27-Apr-2013)


The Highlights  &  The Delights

27th April 2013 Saturday



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Kevin Tan stood in for Darren Lim, the SAA. Everyone present was requested to share: “How are you going to spend the June holidays?”


Toastmaster of the Day

Kenny Lim, confidently and steadily handled the meeting, having taken on the role on several occasions.


Opening Address by Club President

Soh Siew Wee requested the members to observe and offer a 30-second silent prayer for our previous VPE, the late Faizah Othman, who passed away on 4th April, at 22. She then related the anecdote of a philosopher, who waited for a decade, weighing the pros and cons of getting married.  By the time he approached the girl’s father, she was already married with three children.  He collapsed upon hearing it because he did not take action. He delayed and regretted not calling her to invite for a drink.  It was too late. “I regret not inviting Faizah earlier for a drink.  Be what you want to be or do.”


Prepared Speeches


Karen Moke, in her The Ice Breaker, “Myself” gave us a glimpse of her family of five, with a friendly and warm dad, a beloved mum, a brother and a sister whom she is closer to.  We found out that she was rebellious when young.

“Good Employees make Mistakes, Good Employers allow them to” was Rajkumar Murugan’s P2 Organise Your Speech about not trying enough, not repeating the same mistake, learning, admitting and fixing the mistakes and allowing time.

Lian Jinxing related the after-effects and consequences of the “Sichuan Earthquake”, food, water and relief measures, in his P2 Organise Your Speech.

“Journey to the West” was Kevin Tan’s AP5 Bringing History to Life narration.  It wasn’t about the Monkey King but the explorer Christopher Columbus voyage and his discovery of America.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Karinna Boey                        Karen Moke

Zainab Ibrahim                    Rajkumar Murugan

Pan Wei You                         Lian Jinxing

Richard Sng                          Kevin Tan

Three speakers and three evaluators had so much to offer that time was exceeded.


Induction Ceremony for New members

Joshua New came and did a disappearing act and was not inducted.


Fun with Table Topics

Albert Anto dished out the all-time favourite, Food” as the theme.

Krishnan, Pan Wei You, Karinna Boey, Zainab, Darren, Neil Sarno, Jinxing, Karen Moke, Alison and Rajkumar volunteered!  That’s the spirit!  Make it our culture!


General  Evaluation

Krishnan Venugopal offered his feedback for the various meeting appointment holders. Having visited three Toastmasters clubs in Tampines where members were very casually dressed, he found that Tiarel members look presentable, and like the formal dress code.  He reminded the evaluators to request the audience to give the Project 1 speakers a standing ovation as a form of support and encouragement.  This is a timely reminder advocated by a Past Club President. 



Neil Sarno stood in for Rajkumar, who otherwise would have an added role.


Ah Counter

Alison Chan gamely accepted the role to exercise her listening skill.


Awards                                              Presented to:

Only Karinna Boey and Lian Jinxing met the time criterion.

Best Table Topic:                             Karinna Boey


Refreshment Break

We had fried rice, chicken and tidbits from Medan.


Annual General Meeting

18 members were present to exercise their rights and pose questions.  Some opinions, concerns and suggestions offered include:

1. Of the new members recruited, half were through the invitations of one member. The others were through our website, banner and C.C. visits.

  • Members are strongly encouraged to invite their friends, colleagues, associates, acquaintances and others.

2. Workshops and programmes are to be conducted for the next term to generate funds for the club.

3. Members are encouraged to arrive early to help set up the room, and not to rely on the sameWe should take ownership of our club!

The President’s and Treasurer’s reports were presented and passed.  They have been emailed to all members.  A new team for the 2013-2014 was elected.


Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary