The Highlights & The Delights (10-Nov-2012)


The Highlights & The Delights

10th November 2012, Saturday


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The meeting was called to order by SAA V. Krishnan who requested everyone to mention the latest book they were reading.


Toastmaster of the Day

Kenny Lim took charge of the meeting, welcoming our guests as well.

Word of the Day

V. Krishnan, the language evaluator requested everyone, who stepped forward to speak after him, to make use of the word ‘consistent’.

Opening Address by Club President

Soh Siew Wee narrated an article from the internet about a dead man who was asked if he wanted to go to heaven or hell.  He requested to visit both where there were plenty of food and soothing music.  Everyone in hell at the long table had their hands tied together.  In heaven each had their hands tied with a fork and spoon.  They had to feed the other person across the table.  “Do we spare a thought for others, give recognition and encouragement to family members and friends, and spend time with them?” provoked the club President.


Prepared Speeches

Kevin Tan, in his AP2 The Radio Talk Show (Public Relations manual) “Cat Feeding in Chong Pang” speech, touched on the sterilization and neutering of cats, cat fans and the CNR programme.  During the Q&A, Daisy, Mike and Shanmugam posed issues for him to address and elaborate.

“The Crying Baby” was Soh Siew Wee’s AP2 Let’s Get Personal (Storytelling manual) rendition of the ninth baby of a timid illiterate woman. Her husband, a principal was told by his mother to give the baby girl for adoption.  The twist and climax came at the end when it was revealed that the speaker was that baby!


Shanmugam presented his maiden prepared speech P1 Ice Breaker with “My Struggles”.  Movies and reading are his interests.  This school teacher revealed that he was usually late or absent in secondary school where he was an athlete.  He retook his ‘A’ Levels having passed only one subject, Tamil. After N.S., he joined the police force, enrolled with N.U.S., became a police inspector, then switched to the teaching service.  What a colourful but fruitful life you have, Shan!


Successful Club Series Presentation

V. Krishnan put on another hat to give a very informative presentation “Keeping the Commitment”.  Members are reminded to commit to their roles at club meetings, as club officers, and to keep to the Ten Toastmasters Promises.


Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Lum Sau Ying                       Kevin Tan

Daisy Neo                             Soh Siew Wee

Richard Sng                          Shanmugam Sidambaram

Their feedback was addressed according to the objectives and guidelines.


Just 4 (For) Laughs©

Rampur, replacing Kevin Tan (already having two meeting roles), tickled our funny bones and lightened the mood of the meeting with two anecdotes.


Fun with Table Topics

Richard Sng took to the stage again (another dual meeting role) with his book “Wriggle Wrestle Wrangle with Words”.  Eight speakers gamely gave their take on the various wise sayings he extracted from his book on words.


Language Evaluation

The creative language usage was highlighted by V. Krishnan who put on his third hat.  It was a bold effort on his part.  It was not a walk in the park to be the LE!



Tri Nguyen, a first timer in this role, was enjoying himself playing with the timing device and the stopwatch.


Ah Counter

Our club President Soh Siew Wee had to take on a triple role at the meeting.


Awards                                              Presented to:

Best Speech:                                     Shanmugam Sidambaram

Best Evaluation:                               Richard Sng

Best Table Topic:                             Mike


Birthday Celebrations

The birthday cake was wheeled in by VPM Kevin Tan just before the break.  Birthday boys Tri Nguyen and Richard Sng were cheered as their names were announced.  There were only two candles for them to extinguish!


Refreshment Break

Ginseng drink, mini dates, fritters, biscuits and chocolates (compliments of Rampur) filled the stomachs of the hungry ones.


Thanks again to Soh Siew Wee and Krishnan for planning and getting out the programme.  Challenges are meant to be faced head-on!


Our guests were Kenny (an NS man), Mike (Radin Mas TMC), Leng Keng (Mandarin TM) and Patricia, who came towards the end of the meeting.


Kevin, Soh Siew Wee and I adjourned for bak kut teh, chai tau kueh and drinks at a nearby coffee shop.  It was another discussion and brain-storming session for us.


Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary