15th Club Anniversary (13-Oct-2012)

The Highlights & The Delights

13th October 2012, Saturday

“15th Club Anniversary”

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Our 15th Tiarel Toastmasters Club Anniversary was celebrated at the splendid auditorium at Pasir Ris East Community Building.

SAA Zainal Abidin enthusiastically welcomed everyone to our special day.

Guests present included District Officers, Toastmasters from other clubs, friends and community centre staff.  18 members showed up!  That’s a very healthy 62%!

Toastmaster of the Day

V. Krishnan took over the reins of the day, enjoying the limelight and spotlight.

Opening Address by Club President

Soh Siew Wee remarked that we were there with expectations and excitement. A balloon was taken out. “It is flat, when not blown. It can be kept in the pocket or used as a bookmark.  When blown, it is noticeable. That‘s what the life of Man should be. Otherwise, our ideas will be kept in the pocket or deep in our heart.” What an analogy!  Very inspirational and meaningful!

District Officers’ Address

Immediate Past District 80 Governor Michael Rodrigues, DTM asked, “What are we celebrating today?  A proud achievement . . . 15 years is a long time that a club has been around . . . a strong and steady club . . . the love, tenacity and care for one another . . . managing the club and members . . . establishing its bonds.”

His wish for Tiarel: “Keep serving and loving your members . . . learn to serve one another, not to be served . . . as simple as that.  The past presidents are the pillars of the club and the beacons for others.”

Division S Governor K Raj, ACS, CL presented a bottle of wine to the club.  He exhorted the slogan “Enjoy the journey and forget the stress.”   He related his childhood experience and the desire of wanting to be on the stage to speak.

Area S2 Governor Faruk Mohammad, CC commended the great effort of a great team and the great energy level in Tiarel. “This is the place to be!  This Toastmasters platform will get you to the next level.”

Video Clip: A montage of Celebrations, Gatherings, Contests, Meetings

As the photos of past events were unfolded on the screen, fond and beautiful memories of yesteryears brought a tinge of emotion to our hearts. It was a nostalgic journey and the reminiscences of the past years in Tiarel. Thank you, Zainal for the tremendous and tireless effort, and time that you have put in.

Past Presidents’ Reminiscences

Richard Sng, Tiarel’s 3rd Club President (1999-2000) shared with the audience the challenging developments which took place then . . . how he wanted to step aside graciously for another member to be the President again.  He was thankful and named his team members for performing their roles exemplarily.

Ho Eng Lye, the 5th President gave the analogy of the table with four legs and the fifth being on the top.  She used the acronym FIVE to reminisce the Family/Fun, Information/Illumination, Value, Enjoyment/Enthusiasm during her journey of joy.

David Kow described seeing the TRL banner and attending our meeting as a guest. Rena Teow at the registration desk greeted him and offered help. Eng Lye was his mentor. His progress in speaking, overcoming obstacles and disagreements were shared.

Tay Juet Hui, the 7th President did not wish to glorify the past but to honour our members. He was overwhelmed by the incumbent’s enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. The language evaluators hurt his ego but his language skills improved.  (Medicine has to be bitter if it is to be effective! J)

Teh Yun Ling was a nervous, shy and blushing lass ten years ago.  Now, she will speak up when necessary, no longer docile nor submissive. Was she manipulated to be a Club President?

Lee Fung Fung was saddened by the huge change in our meeting venue, from the beautiful, cosy and prestigious room at Tampines Regional Library to a classroom at Tampines North Community Club.  The change was unthinkable but inevitable.  She acknowleged the foresight of our senior members, to source for an alternative venue.  She enlightened the audience how the name ‘Tiarel’ (which is pronounced as TRL) came about, to preserve the legacy of TRL (Tampines Regional Library TMC), the good name and reputation, and that no change is considered ‘unthinkable’.

Lisa Ooi was emotional, saying, “The video clip made my eyes moisten.” It brought afresh the memories listing the past presidents.  “Tiarel has achieved the Toastmasters mission very well.”  She was a speechcraft participant.

Albert Anto, the Immediate Past President found shortcomings in his career and had inadequate social skills. He was attracted to the banner outside our community club. He acknowledged the past presidents, being the pillars, and for their advice and support.

Prepared Speeches

There were so many aspects of the personal cheque that most of us were unaware of. Li Hairong presented “Embrace the Personal Cheque” for Project 3 Get to the Point.  An acronym REST was used . . .  Record Evidence Security Timing . . . to make us remember her very informative speech and the advice.

Kevin Tan in AP3 Make Them Laugh was in a dilemma when he had to give a lesson on “Let’s Talk about Sex” in his school.  After attending a course on “Sexuality Issues”, he was more comfortable to teach ‘menstruation’.

In “The Angry Woman” AP3 The Moral of the Story, Kenny Lim narrated the anecdote of a bad-tempered woman whose friends and family wanted to have nothing to do with her.  She went to see a monk who told her to stand outside her house to offer water from her jug to passers-by. A big burly man snatched the jug, drank the water and threw it away.  He was later arrested, suspected for multiple murders and robberies.  Moral of the story: Life is unpredictable, learn to accept our imperfections, flaws and weaknesses.

Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                            Speech presented by:

Richard Sng                          Li Hairong

Michael Rodrigues              Kevin Tan

Krishna Raj                           Kenny Lim

The feedback was balanced, encouraging and focused.

Birthday Celebration (Month of October)

Special birthday cakes (long ones, like log cakes) from Medan were rolled out by VP Membership Kevin Tan onto the stage. District Officers, past presidents, birthday boy Dr Ta King Ho, birthday girl Teh Yun Ling, and others in the audience whose birthday falls in the month of October were invited to the stage.  It was a Happy 15th Birthday to Tiarel Toastmasters and the birthday babes. J

Fun with Table Topics

The audience did not know what they were in for. By popular demand, we had a debate again, helmed by Richard Sng. After the audience in the auditorium was evenly and fairly distributed, the rules were spelt out. A speaker was nominated immediately after the previous, to refute and rebut the issues and points raised. The topic: ‘Money can Buy Love.’  Michael Rodrigues, Faruk, Tay Juet Hui, David Kow, Karinna Boey, Li Hairong, K. Raj, Ta King Ho, Teh Yun Ling and Lisa Ooi were the debaters.  Fun and laughter, often boisterous, filled the house.

Listening Master

This regular feature in our club was handled by David Kow.  From the fast and furious answers to the questions thrown to the audience, we knew many listened well. The lively atmosphere, rowdy at times, engaged everyone.


Neil Sarno was busy with the stopwatch and the timing cards, trying to attract the speakers on stage to keep to their timing.

Ah Counter

To remind us of the ah’s, erhm’s, er’s, so’s, and’s, okay’s . . . was Karinna Boey.

Awards                                              Presented to:

Best Speech:                                     Kevin Tan

Best Evaluation:                               Richard Sng

20 sets of tokens were generously donated by a past president, Jamil Suleiman who was unable to attend due to work commitments, and presented to the 19 names on the programme. Ironically, I did not receive one. L Who received two?

Refreshment Break

Lontong, satay, cakes and what else did we have?  Everything taken in and passed out has been long forgotten.

The three-and-a-half hour function on a Saturday afternoon, held in a classy auditorium has been a memorable and unforgettable occasion . . .  successful and well-organised.  Thanks to the members who worked behind the scene.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary

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