The Highlights & The Delights (25-Aug-2012)

25th August 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at Kampong Ubi C.C.  Our regular venue was unavailable.

The meeting was called to order promptly by Kenny Lim, the Sergeant at Arms.

“If you can have any job in the world, what would it be?” was posed to everyone.  Answers ranged from being a house-husband, full-time mum with children, zookeeper, master chef, resort club operator, farmer, to not wanting to work at all.

Guests present included Division S Governor K. Raj, Siao Yan, a visiting Toastmaster from Toa Payoh South TMC, Rony Lim, a past member, Shirley Lam and Alison Chan.  Sadly, only ten members turned up to show their support.

Toastmaster of the Day

V Krishnan was in control of the meeting, adlibbing now and then.  A few members had to take on more than one role, which reflects poorly on the club and in the eyes of visiting Toastmasters.

Opening Address by Club President

The audience was requested to stand to perform three exercises. Soh Siew Wee related the relevance to her injured shoulder which eventually recovered.  She impressed upon us to persevere, to press on, to be patient and positive in relationships, to achieve our dreams and to change our habits.  These take time.


Prepared Speeches

Kevin Tan gave A Dramatic Talk “The Graduation” in AP4 The Entertaining Speaker.   We are all losers, he told the audience vociferously and vehemently.

“Global Warming & You” was Ta King Ho’s AP5 Speaking to Inform ~ The Abstract Concept serious speech.

The well-groomed and well-dressed Janelle Cua took the stage with “Hear the World” to narrate the parable of the thief who cried upon reading the note left by the owner who wanted to meet him.  Lesson to learn: people will not forget how you make them feel.  Well done, Janelle!  Her message:  Show kindness.

Our newest member Li Hairong, dressed in all-black, from the hair to her stockings and shoes impressed us with “I Finally Understand This Thing!”, a very catchy speech title, and using no script.  She was steady, confident and in control, speech delivery was spontaneous and smooth.  We gave her a standing ovation for her maiden speech, the “Ice Breaker”.  She likes the crabs in Singapore and the club in Singapore, Tiarel.

After being away for three years, ex-member Rony Lim, explained “Why We Have Conflicts with the Bosses”.  Much was shared.  Food for thought.

Speech Evaluations

Evaluator:                  Speech presented by:
Richard Sng               Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan                 Ta King Ho
Kenny Lim                   Janelle Cua
Albert Anto                 Li Hairong

Richard Sng and Kevin Tan gave a panel evaluation for Rony Lim’s speech

Division S Governor K. Raj addressed the meeting before the refreshment break, complimenting the club for achieving the President’s Distinguished Club award for 2011-2012.  He talked about the butterflies and the bees coming out of the mouth, the crocodile and the chimpanzee.  A tip from Sir Winston Churchill, about speaking well and how he came to join Toastmasters were shared.

Just 4 (For) Laughs©

Ta King Ho regaled us with a serious but also humorous narration  ranging from the pastor and the boy, those who like to drink, the bottle of water, keeping the bowel clean, alcohol, parasites, to the small E.T. and asking the ladies if they were married, had children, and not to ask, but to continue to do it.

Fun with Table Topics

Soh Siew Wee started the story of two horses, one black and the other, white.  Others had to continue it, stretch their imagination and tell tall tales, with cock-and-bull stories.  Twelve were targeted; starting with Ho Eng Lye, Siao Yan, Janelle, Rony, Krishnan, Richard Sng, Alison, Hairong, K.Raj, Richard Lam, Ta King Ho and Shirley Lam.

Language Evaluation

A lengthy mini presentation about the choice and importance of words preceded the feedback.  Richard Lam commented on his challenge trying to understand some speakers, especially on voice projection and volume.  Examples of creative usage of the language were cited. He discouraged the use of technical jargon.


Albert Anto took on an added role, apart from being the speech and panel evaluator.  Someone had to time his evaluation, though.

Ah Counter

Ho Eng Lye took over from Ta King Ho, who already had two other roles.  She was exhilarated that she managed to catch two pause fillers from Richard Sng.  Krishnan was equally ecstatic about it.


Best Speech:                        Li Hairong             (3 Cheers!) 
Best Evaluation: Richard Sng            (Clap! Clap!)
Best Table Topic Speech:            Richard Sng            (Whoa!)

Refreshment Break

Yummy food, but not so healthy!  Curry puffs, moon cakes, cakes!  Fortunately we had grapes for the health-conscious.

Certainly, it was another exciting and invigorating session among wonderful friends.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng, Club Secretary



The Highlights & The Delights (11-Aug-2012)

11th August 2012 Saturday



The rules for the Humorous Speech contest were spelt out by the Contest Chair.


Humorous Speech Contest

Contestant #1 ~  Janelle Cua

She related the humorous and the not-so-pleasant happenings in the trains in “The Battle for Space”.

Contestant #2 ~  Richard Sng

‘MonicaChng’ and ‘MoLester’ were unenviable characters in “Horoscope or Horrorscope”.  The Chinese zodiac animals, the rat and the tigress, were featured together with Leo the lion, from the Horoscope in the Sunday Times.

Contestant #3 ~  Neil Sarno

To improve his English, manage his nervousness and acquire his confidence were the reasons in “Why I Joined Toastmasters”.

Contestant #4 ~  Krishnan Venugopal

“Appraisal Fever” covered workload review, improving communication skills, teamwork, promotion, resignation and turning positives to negatives.

Contestant #5 ~  Tay Juet Hui

From being retired to babysitting, having a commercial break, having no datelines to meet, the redundant alarm clock and being reduced to a contract worker were shared in “The Incredible Happened”.

Contestant # 6 ~  Jamil Suleiman

The challenges in “What a Guest” were the tourists from Indonesia, Egypt and India, especially the first-timers in Singapore that the licensed tourist guide had to face, whether on the open upper deck of the bus or in the cable car.

Contestant #7 ~  Ta King Ho

“The Three Advice to Men” was about not touching a stranger, especially a taxi driver, formerly driving a hearse, on his first day at work . . . about an Indonesian man in America not knowing how to put on a necktie . . . treating your wife well.

Contestant #8 ~  Ho Eng Lye

The ABC in “Be Super Happy” refers to our Attitude, counting the Blessing, and the joys of having Children.

Contestant #9 ~  Albert Anto

Be very positive, look forward, look ahead, take action, and how the secret is manifested in wanting to be a millionaire were what we can learn in “My Aim my Drive, my Desire”.

It was a neck-to-neck, very closely-fought contest.  The panel of judges must have a difficult time picking the top three winners.

Speech Evaluation Contest

The Chief Judge took it upon himself to be the Test Speaker with a mouthful of a title “Necessity is the Principled Mother of Innovation”.

Order of Appearance of the Contestants:

1) Jamil Suleiman

2) Pan Wei You

3) Albert Anto

4) Tay Juet Hui

5) Kevin Tan

6) Krishnan Venugopal

7) Ho Eng Lye

8) Richard Sng

Contest Officials

Sergeant at Arms: Darren Lim

Timers: Edwin Tay (Tampines West TMC) & Thomas Lee (Grassroots Club TMC)]

Tally Counters: Li Hairong & Nah Wenbin (Tampines West TMC)

Chief Judge: John Liew (Zhenghua TMC)

Contest Chair: John Low

Organising Chair: Soh Siew Wee


Humorous Speech Contest:

Champion:                 Richard Sng

2nd:                         Krishnan Venugopal

3rd:                         Jamil Suleiman

Speech Evaluation Contest:

Champion:                 Richard Sng

2nd:                         Albert Anto

3rd:                         Krishnan Venugopal

Unfortunately, there were two time disqualifications for both the contests.

Area S2 Governor Faruk Muhammad presented the trophies.

Refreshment Break

Chicken wings, fried bee hoon, fruits, grass-jelly desserts . . . were generously piled on the tables.  Members and guests could not help gushing and complimenting on the food pampered on them.

The contests were excellently organized and wonderfully conducted.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng,  Club Secretary



11th Aug 2012 Humorous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests

Bored on a Saturday afternoon?

Speakers from Tiarel Toastmasters Club will attempt to tickle your funny bone with their humorous speeches spanning 5 – 7 minutes each. Then, they will show you how you can give evaluations skilfully and tactfully in the Speech Evaluation Contest.

Do  jot down the date in your diary and join us for a fun and enriching afternoon.

Where: Tampines North Community Club, 2 Tampines St 41, Room #02-06, Singapore 529204
Nearest MRT:   Tampines MRT Station
When: 11th August (Saturday) 1:30pm to 5:45pm
Admission: $2. Formal meeting for adults aged 18 and above only

The Highlights & The Delights (28-Jul-2012)


28th July 2012 Meeting


Neil Sarno, the Sergeant at Arms, called the meeting to order punctually.

Guests present included ex-member Choon Lee, Grace, Glen, Apoorv, Runbin and a visiting Toastmaster from Hong Kong, Teresa Tong.  Thirteen members turned up to show their support.

Toastmaster of the Day

Kevin Tan performed splendidly, controlling and keeping the flow of the programme almost to the dot.

Opening Address by Club President

Soh Siew Wee inspired us with the story of a frustrated young lady. From the carrot (hard when raw, but soft and weak when boiled), the egg (soft inside, but hard when boiled) and coffee powder (changes when in hot water), we learnt lessons on difficulties, hardships and adversities.

VPM’s Plan for the Term

It was very ambitious, but commendable of Kevin to lay out what he had in store for us: retaining current members, recalling absent members, recruiting more members, biannual surveys, mentor/mentee, new member kit, monthly birthday celebrations, bonding activities, more awards, . . .  Wow!

Mock Speech Evaluation Contest

Soh Siew Wee handled the briefing and David shared the guidelines of the contest.  Test speaker Zainal Abidin gallantly bared his heart, sharing the heart ‘valve’ condition he has been living with, in “Matters of the Heart”. He faced the dilemma of making a choice of having a plastic, metal or keeping his original heart.  Kevin Tan, Kenny Lim, Krishnan and Neil Sarno gallantly stepped up to have a practice round before the club’s contest on 11thAugust.  Krishnan emerged the winner, albeit one time disqualification.  David rounded it up, offering his feedback for the contestants.

Prepared Speeches

Kenny Lim narrated “The Blue Rose” in AP1 The Folk Tale. The princess was in a dilemma of having to choose a man to marry . . . the one who offered a dyed blue rose, a blue sapphire shaped like a rose or a white rose appearing blue when sunlight shone on it through a blue-stained glass?  Who did she marry?

Darren Lim presented his Ice Breaker speech “The First Step” without script.

In her Ice Breaker speech “Dreams”, Karinna sang Doris Day’s Que Sera Sera and fooled us with her first and longest love, coffee.  Cheh!  Her other love is baking.

Fun with Table Topics

Neil Sarno was obsessed with our MRT trains and based his topics on the theme.

It was “No eating or drinking” for Glen, “Make it right for a better ride” for Jamil, “One child and one adult” for Janelle, “Suspect it?, Report it” for Krishnan, “Clean and Comfortable” for Runbin, “Reserved sitting” for Apoorv and “Please move to the rear” for Grace.

Speech Evaluations

Our guest, Teresa Tong, ATMB, CL, a member of four clubs in Hong Kong, was carried away and exceeded the time, evaluating Karinna’s speech. Krishnan had another go, practising before the contest, offering feedback for Kenny’s story. It was Zainal’s maiden speech evaluation for Darren’s virgin speech. Kudos to him!

Language Evaluation

Another creative tagline was coined to evaluate the use of the spoken English language, the “3 Bs”, “Butter, Bitter & Better”.

Richard Sng highlighted the beautiful and wonderful words and language used to ‘Butter’ the speakers.

On areas for improvement, he touched on the ‘Bitter’ . . . redundancy, tenses, agreement, overworked words, word usage and the ungrammatical use of language.

On what can be ‘Better’, he pointed out the numerous words being mispronounced.

He concluded his language evaluation with his quotation “The ability to communicate correctly, clearly and confidently is critical and crucial.”


It was an experience for first timer Li Hairong, manipulating the timing device, guided by Soh Siew Wee.

Ah Counter

Testing her listening skill, Janelle Cua was splendid for a first timer.


Best Speech:                                     Darren Lim               (Clap! Clap!)

Best Evaluation:                               Krishnan                    (Cheer! Cheer!)

Best Table Topic Speech:               Yew Runbin              (Hurray!)

Refreshment Break

Yum, Yum.  Bananas, carrots, mee rebus, banana and chempedak fritters, milo, coffee, tea, cereal drinks . . . what a variety!

It was another wonderful and fruitful session, filled with fellowship, fun and food.

Contributed by:  Richard Sng ,   Club Secretary